A PlayStation in-ear Vita Headset review

The following is PlayStation in-ear Vita headset review that is specifically designed for those individuals who may perhaps be not in the know of what this product has to offer. To begin with, this one of a kind product happens to be the official in-ear headset for Sony’s highly acclaimed PlayStation Vita. With that said, you can naturally totally rest assured of exceptional performance when compared to most other alternatives that are currently awash in the market. Most especially when it comes to optimal sound output as well as clarity of conversations when you chat with your playing buddies. All of which you can execute, mind you, in a simultaneous manner. Let us now take a closer look at just what this product has to offer, and in essence what puts it well ahead of the pack.

In-ear configuration

The PlayStation in-ear Vita headset as the name suggests integrates an in-ear configuration. This feature facilitates for a very remarkable sound isolation and full immersion than you would ordinarily access from most other similar headphones. In a nutshell, this product is in an excellent position of totally blocking virtually all ambient noise along with other external sound sources that you may be surrounded in. This definitely goes a long way in permitting you to center all your focus and attention to the task at hand, which in this case is playing your favorite games. Without in any way having to waste any time worrying about just what may be happening around you.

Fully integrated microphone

This headset also boasts of a powerful integrated microphone , which permits you to hold conversation with your playing friends at any time you wish to do so. This in the long run enables you to keep abreast of all the events that may be occurring in the games you may be engaged in. There are certain precious moments that can only be shared among gamers as most seasoned gamers would readily appreciate. And this product can conveniently facilitate for them. On the other hand, the PlayStation in-ear Vita headset also comes with a handy in-line mute switch that lets you mute this microphone at any moment you desire not to be heard. This feature therefore permits you to preserve some level of privacy when you desperately need some quiet time for yourself.

Rich audio performance

The Sony PlayStation in-ear headset is highly noted for performing exceptionally well, like earlier mentioned, when it comes to its audio output. Its mid ranges and basses are remarkably clear. While thanks to its top notch sound isolation function, you can be assured of above par performance on this particular score.

Additional accessories

The whole package of this headset includes three different sizes of silicone crafted ear tips. This provides plenty of options when it comes to guaranteeing absolute comfort and safety while making use of this product, especially for lengthy stretches of time. It also comes with stylish color coded ear buds that greatly underscore its unparalleled aesthetic appeal. Hope that this PlayStation in-ear Vita headset review has been insightful.

Gunnar Gaming Glasses Review

If you spend eight or more hours staring at a bright computer monitor in a room lit by fluorescent tubes, your eyes will eventually start having problems. Gunnar gaming glasses will help you to reduce eye fatigue that plagues anyone who spend a large part of their day glued to a computer screen. These gaming glasses also help you to focus in a better way and relieve your eyes from straining because of the bright light emitted by your, laptop, phone, computer or even your TV.

Gunnar gaming glasses come with a special frame that lay against your head, giving you all the comfort you need. These glasses frames are better than thick frames that are embedded into your skull after a few minutes of game play. These gaming glasses have wide lenses that make the outside frame unnoticeable when playing your game. The weight of these glasses is outstanding and makes you feel almost like you have nothing on your face. These glasses can be worn by anyone, even those who do not use prescription glasses and provide an amazing comfort level.

You can use these glasses when doing your office work using a computer and at home when gaming. One factor that contributes to the glasses having very little weight is because they are constructed using very lightweight materials. The frame is thin and brittle and you need to take special care to avoid breaking. However, you do not need to worry so much about the breaking the frame since you can get very cheap replacements from Gunnar’s website. You can also select frames that are customizable from this website.

Do they work?

The Gunnar gaming work very well, in fact, if you forget to wear them when gaming or doing any other work on your computer, you will feel a lot of discomfort. These glasses come with an amber tint that helps your eyes to feel relaxed when looking at bright cathodes of plasma, LCD or LED. The glasses also magnify your vision with about two percent, making the texts to become clearer and to have a more apparent focus.

Are they worth the price?

Based on the product feature and the level of comfort the glasses provide, the glasses are worth every penny. The product manufacturer also keeps their word and delivers a product that does exactly what they are designed for. Their price range is affordable for everyone who understands the need to take care of their eyes and are durable when you take good care of them.

In conclusion, if your profession keeps you glued in front of a computer monitor, you are a hardcore gamer or you get headaches when watching your LED, or LCD TV, you need to get these glasses. With these glasses, you will be guaranteed to get less or no eye fatigue or sharp headaches. Many people who do not wear glasses loathe wearing any kind of glasses. However, with Gunner glasses be assured of all the comfort you need, you will even forget that you are even wearing them. Another great thing about these glasses is that they come at a fair price with benefits that exceed the value.